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Securikey Mini Vault Silver Deposit Safe 2K

Built from 4mm thick steel, the Mini Vault Silver Deposit Safe is ideal for quickly securing cash. All models feature an 8mm thick anti-bludgeon door with robust 25mm locking bolts. Baffle plates fitted with the safe prevent fishing attacks, making it impossible for thieves to access the contents of the safe via the deposit mechanism. Size 1 models are fitted with an easy to use deposit slot, ideal for cash or envelopes. The larger Size 2 model is fitted with a drawer system which can accommodate larger deposits and is particularly ideal for use with deposit capsules. A soft foam insert is standard on both models, protecting contents from scratches or other damage. An motion sensitive interior light is also fitted as standard. A choice of electronic or key locking is available on both models. Electronic models can support 2 user codes of up to 14 digits.

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