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Chubb Office 115 Fire Resistant Safe

Perfect for offices with a relatively large amount of paperwork, the Chubbsafes Office range provides an unbeatable combination of storage space and fire protection. Tested to the stringent NT FIRE 017 Paper standard, the Office will protect documents for a full two hours, even in temperatures over 1000° Celsius. This is thanks to the special barrier material in its walls, which helps maintain a low internal temperature in the safe. Electronic locking is standard across the range, offering an easy to use but secure means of sealing the safe. These locks can be programmed with two user codes and features a convenient LCD display. The lock mechanism is designed to self-lock; simply close the door and the cabinet locks itself. Adjustable shelving is included with all models. Seven sizes are available with capacities ranging from 116 litres to an impressive 783 litres.

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