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Robur Eurograde V 1200 Fire and Security Safe

Robur Safes are designed in Sweden and have been tested to stringent European burglar resistance standards by the renowned SBSC testing lab. Rated Grade V under the EN 1143-1 test, these safes provide protection for up to €150,000 in cash and up to €1.5 million in valuables. Large rectangular locking bolts secure the door once locked. Models 500 to 1500 have also been tested to the NT FIRE 017 standard for fire resistance. They offer an impressive 60 minutes of protection for papers and documents. Strong barrier materials in the door and walls of the safe help fend off both burglars and heat. The door lock system features a uniquely designed turn wheel modelled on the Robur logo. Dual changeable key locks are fitted as standard to all models. An easy grip handle removes the strain of opening the door. Optional digital and audit trail locks provide an even higher level of security and are Class B certified. Safe breakers will often use special drills in an attempt to breach a safe. Robur Safes with a CD designation provide special protection against such attack. It is highly unlikely a potential thief could drill his way through such a safe before being discovered. A large range of internal fittings are available for each model, ranging from lockable internal compartments to filing frames for A4 documents. Ideal for commercial use, Robur Grade V security safes are finished in an off white powder coat paint which will suit any office environment.

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